Outreach the Outbreak – Lock down solution 3, Re-working the business process & adapting new technology

In this present lock down situation, where we are forced to WFH, our businesses are like stand still and we do not have a clue as to what is going to happen. Many of us do not know how we are going to manage it seamlessly after the lock down.

So questions arising are: How to Manage my business now? How to stay productive? What Process we should take and what are the tools we should adapt to achieve a seamless experience.

I would suggest that you adapt your business to the remote work model to stay safe, yet, productive.

Most of the jobs, that is 80% can be handled remotely. And the rest 20% though requires physical work and visits are trackable giving exact status of work.

Automate your business by implementing CRM or ERP solution if you have not to achieve the seamless experience, you need to analyse the full office work cycle and re-work on the systems and processes.

Let’s start from Marketing Department: Can be handled remotely. If it has not gone Digital, then we need to think about it as the old way of marketing is dead. You should also have a strong web presence.

Then you need to have tie up with Lead generation portals for generating of new prospects. These prospects can be handled by your inside sales team which qualify leads by calling and talking to them, sending them prospectus etc. All can be done sitting in office or at home via phone and email.

If your prospect is ready to do business with you, then they are assigned to sales representatives who go and do final talk and negotiation, coordinate demo, give quotation, do follow ups and collect order, coordinate delivery, Invoice delivery and payment follow up. Most of it can be done remotely. Only where it is required, the salesman can visit the prospect.

Back office staff can handle all the back office functions like showing demo, giving quotation, filing, emailing, payment follow up etc. all can be handled remotely.

There are some specialised team members who do tendering, designing, preparing BoQ, billing, accounting, HR & Payroll etc. which also can be handled remotely.

Logistics and Inventory handling is going to be a big challenge which needs to have a very professional approach and handling. Most of the coordination with vendors and negotiation, billing and accounting can be done remotely. But actual Logistics handling and Inventory maintaining will require physical presence.

Tracking of goods sold with warranty and AMC if they have it can also be done remotely.

Service tickets can be generated if any service is required by the customer. Here remote support can be given wherever necessary. Only actual service visits will require physical presence.

Admin and HR jobs can be done 80% remotely.

This can be achieved with the help of Zoho One, a plethora of web and mobile apps, integrated applications to manage, connect, and automate business processes across your entire organization. It can automate your sales, marketing, support, HR, Accounting, Operations, Inventory & Logistics, Projects, Campaigns etc.

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