Outreach the Outbreak - Lock down solution 1, WFH

In this present lock down situation, there is a definite shift in the pattern of work we used to do, from a more open environment of office to a closed environment of home. Our businesses are forced to work from Remote. 

Many of us are not ready and do not know how to go about this.

First, we need to accept the situation because this working style is going to be there for at least this year.

It has forced us to think, rather rethink our strategies on how our business should work henceforth, after this lockdown opens.

So what are the important aspects we should keep in mind while strategizing?

What can we do in order to keep our business continuity & running?

Simple, our strategy should have a holistic approach to our business, which is taking the golden triangle approach, that is to re-work our strategy around people, process and technology.

There is no fixed process, it is all depends on individual business and goal, but the path is the same for everyone. Those who will adapt this change will flourish.

Technology will play a major role. Zoho Remotely, Google Apps, Microsoft 365 are good solutions which help in working from home.

Zoho has come out with Zoho Remotely, a plethora of interesting web and mobile apps, a one stop, complete solution for working remotely that will help in communicating with customers, collaborating with employees and become productive.

Check it out by registering in the link below:


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